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Alternative Investment Fund - Annual Report

26 September 2020 at 6:30:00 pm

Reg. 22(g) of SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012: Alternative Investment Fund shall provide report on annual basis to its investors within 180 days from the year end.

Alternative Investment Fund's annual report includes the following information, as may be applicable.
A. financial information of investee companies.
B. material risks and how they are managed which may include:
(i) concentration risk at fund level;
(ii) foreign exchange risk at fund level;
(iii)leverage risk at fund and investee company levels;
(iv)realization risk (i.e. change in exit environment) at fund and investee company
(v) strategy risk (i.e. change in or divergence from business strategy) at investee
company level;
(vi)reputation risk at investee company level;
(vii) extra-financial risks, including environmental, social and corporate governance
risks, at fund and investee company level.


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Where, in any financial year, an assessee who is liable to pay advance tax has failed to pay such tax or, where the advance tax paid by such assessee is less than ninety per cent of the assessed tax, assessee is liable to pay simple Interest as per the provision laid down under section 234B and 234C.


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