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Statement of Accounts and Annual Report

30 May 2021 at 6:30:00 pm

Reg. 43(3) of SEBI (Collective Investment Scheme) Regulations, 1999: Collective Investment Management Company shall forward a copy of financial statements & annual report along with auditor's report to the Board, within 2 months from the end of financial year.

The Collective Investment Management Company shall:
(a) not exceed the ceilings on expenses or fees in respect of the [collective investment
scheme] as specified in Part I of the Ninth Schedule;
(b) prepare the accounts of the [collective investment scheme] in accordance with accounting
norms as specified in Part II of the Ninth Schedule;
(c) comply with format of balance sheet and profit and loss accounts as specified in Part III of
the Ninth Schedule.
(d) An annual report and annual statement of accounts of each [collective investment scheme].
shall be prepared in respect of each financial year


All over India


Chapter V of the SEBI (Intermediaries) Regulations, 2008: Non-Compliance to any rules and regulation by any Collective Investment Management Company, may leads to following prohibations or penalties: (i) suspension of certificate of registration for a specified period; (ii) cancellation of certificate of registration; (iii) prohibiting the noticee to take up any new assignment or contract or launch a new scheme for the period specified in the order; (iv) debarring a principal officer of the noticee from being employed or associated with any registered intermediary or other registered person for the period specified in the order; (v) debarring a branch or an office of the noticee from carrying out activities for the specified period; (vi) warning the noticee.


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